Friday, March 11, 2005

The Acord house. I got these pictures in the reverse order again. I can't figure out a way to change them, so the next will be the last one of the day. Note the fog bank hanging over the ocean. We had sun most of the day, but it won't last. Filled the tank, rode 95.7 miles. Put in 2.059 gallons, couldn't press in any more than that. 46.47 mpg, mostly 55-60 mph, and some town starts and stops. Not bad for a 180 main jet! I doubt if I even opened up the MJ anyway, riding at these speeds. Probably mostly on the needle.

Getting ready to load up! Karen and Preston.

A friendly place. BJ's n ice cream.

Just boats in the Harbor. Note the tapered pilings. That's to keep the birds off. Otherwise, the piles look like guano. (because they are covered in it)

I think some of us VROC'ers should buy this boat and turn it into a party boat! We could go catch a few fish and sell them to pay for the entertainment supplies!

The harbor is pretty empty today, fishing must be pretty good.

A nice looking sail boat that has been converted to a long pole troller. All the boats use local pole from the woods, usually white cedar.

A monument to the fisherman from Florence harbor that never returned. (not counting those still stuck in a bar somewhere in Northern California)

Another good place to eat. Figured I needed to show a few of these so Wiliedog and Gumbo would drool some more

This is a famous place for chowder and sea food. Used to be very good, now they cater mostly to the tourists and quality has gone down.

The kites are limp right now. During the summer, every little town along the beaches are loaded up with wind catchers like these. Lots of them in yards, trees, and porches.

This is the outside of where we ate.

Chain saw carvings are a big deal in this part of the country. There are lots of small galleries and stands that sell them.

Bye the time we finished visiting and eating, the fog had come in. Bummer, it's chilly now, and we're 45 miles from home. Had planned on a real photo op, but it's too late now, so will just take a few more and head back to the barn. Old Town Florence is a real tourist trap, but a fun one. They have a pretty large bike rally here every spring, people around here call it the "Little Sturgis" since bikes line the streets for several blocks.

A fine line of bikes. Hey Jack and Barb....Recognize the baby Vulcan?

They had outside seating too, I snapped this of someone else's lunch on the way out :-)

I had fresh "no frozen fish here"! Halibut, and a bowl of Clam chowder. It was delicious!

Each table had nice fresh flowers. We were having a long wait for our food, they were pretty busy, and we got there during the lunch hour.

A happy pig! There was all sorts of weird stuff on the walls!

Some of the other patrons there for lunch in the Beachcomber Tavern.

Hmmmm. Pretty good menu! We're in a Bar and Grill, I think it was called the Beachcomber.

The warm sun feels good! Time to eat.

Bridge over the Siuslaw River, entering Florence, OR.

Just North of Reedsport, still on Hwy 101. I've deleted 8 pics so far, all similar.

Hwy 101 North of Lakeside, OR. Friday, 11 March 05. Preston and Karen out for the first time this year.