Saturday, October 14, 2006

Some of the pictures were cut partially off when they published. Just click on them to see the whole's a Blogger problem I guess.
Downtown Eugene. Not far from the University of Oregon. We're on our way to lunch, then will attend the Saturday market. We spent the morning going through the displays at a Home show at the Fairgrounds, but didn't take any pictures. As I'm taking these pictures there is an Oregon Ducks game going on just a few blocks from here, in Autzum Stadiam.

He has a generator driven from the wheel, charges a battery and powers up his music system. He was explaining the operation of his equipment to these interested folks on the street.

This puppy dog is going for a ride in the trailer.

Petty pants over here tights? a colorful part of the afternoon!

A recumbent (or however you spell it) tricycle. This lady had been laying down, but had just reached up to check something out.

A talented harpist (and harpy?)

Red Delicious may be "old fashioned", but they are still my favorite apple

Some workers waiting for the end of the day, and almost the end of the season for some of these crops.

This part of the country has many organic farms..This time of year is special as it's nearing the end of the season, and crops have been abundant.

Karen and Pat check out the produce in one of the many booths

This was a good year for apples. There were a lot of different kinds here at the market.

All you need is a sharp knife, and it time for a Jack o Lantern!

I took way to many pictures of produce, the the fall harvest was in the air, and most of the vegetables and fruit was beautiful. And, most all of it was organically grown.

Pretty braids of garlic...

Last of the strawberry crop, and a couple different kinds of cherry tomatos

The younger generation learning how to shop for organic food.

Just some of the normal shoppers here.

The area is about 4 square blocks of booths and people. This was a perfect day for the market. In the low 70's mostly sunny.

A funny guy. He had a couple of different "pan handle" signs, this was my favorite. He wanted a buck for the picture, for that I got a smile too.

Some Bonsai plants

Pat and Karen trying to decide which flowers to buy. They both ended up with nice arrangements.

Flowers and veggies, looks like a basket of lavendar there too. My mom used to braid lavender that we grew, to put in clothing drawers for a nice smell.

Last flower picture! Aren't you glad?

Organic Beets

Fresh Cauliflour...

A bee checking out to see if any of his reletives made these honey combs.

Colorful peppers!

One of the music groups that were entertaining. There were some pretty wild dancers leaping around here. The black guy is a rapper, and was pretty good..Lots of moves too !

Food and more food!

Pats there on the right, trying to decide what she wants for dessert.

One block was full of food booths. Lots of good looking things to eat. We already had eating a large Thai lunch, so wasn't hungry. Pat did manage to get down a hot fudge Sundae.

You'll get tired of the tye dyes, but they were just soooooo nice!

The one on the right was HUGE! A lot of nice patterns in all the different booths.

8 or 10, maybe more, booths that sold nice tye dye shirts.

Karen is checking out the colorful shirts!


There were several street musicians here this afternoon. These two are quite colorful. The girl sitting down was playing a saw with a violin bow.

The guy with the green hair looked like he's been living out in the woods.

Cute baby clothes. They had some nice tye dyes this size too..